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    I’m seeing that we have many new members of this group. Does anyone have any mammals fossils that they have found at the Belgrade mine from North Carolina?  If so, send me photos, or upload them to our EMUSEUM. I then can explain why they are interesting.

    • I’m here in Craven County, NC but turned down a chance to go into Belgrade. (Didn’t think there were mammals there.)

      • Oh yes, and they are very interesting–I study ancient mammals that lived on land. At Belgrade these include horses, carnivores, rodents, tiny deer-like mammals, peccary, giant pig-like mammals, and possibly rhino. These are otherwise found from other early Miocene (about 20 million years old) localities elsewhere in the US, including California, Nebraska, and Florida and as far south as Panama. All very exciting. I should also say that these land mammals found at Belgrade are very rare–but when they are discovered they are always interesting!