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    • Cool

    • The wider section with the concave ends are remnants of an orthocone (used to be called Orthoceras but thats a wastebasket taxon). Crinoid stems are usually flat, with some features that reveal their 5-pointed radial symmetry and a hole (axial canal) in the center. Not sure about the long thin section. It could be the rest of the orthocone that has weathered into a tiny strip or a crinoid stem that was juxtaposed onto the orthocone. Looking at the end should tell the difference, the orthocone shell should be convex at that end.

    • Wow. Very interesting. I have an orthocone found from this same creek about thirty years ago.

    • You’ll notice that I’ve been hacking away at the fossil with a dremel tool to expose most of what you see. I accidentally made a small hole on the section you suggest is an orthocone. The fact that it’s hollow would further suggest the hollow chambers of a cephalopod.

    • Thank you @patrick-hsieh

    • But where is the siphuncle in the top down view?

    • Now that I see it as an orthocone, I think that the long narrow bit is the siphuncle and rest of the cone has broken away.

    • Yes, I think you’re right! In fact, on page 530 of my copy of Shimer and Shrock’s Index Fossils of North America, (1965 printing), there is a picture of a specimen with the siphuncle and partial camerae preserved just like your specimen.