Cameron E. Schwalbach

Cameron E. Schwalbach

Cincinnati, OH



Cameron E. Schwalbach


Cincinnati, OH

Fossil Specialty (if any)

paleoecology, paleobiology, taphonomy, stratigraphy

Favorite Collecting Site(s) or Region(s)

I do most of my collecting in Paleozoic rocks throughout the Cincinnati Arch region, particularly in Richmondian strata.


I am a native of the Cincinnati area, and grew up collecting the amazing fossils of the Cincinnati Arch region.  I completed a B.S. in Geology at the University of Cincinnati, where I also finished an M.S. degree in Geology with a concentration on stratigraphy and paleoecology.  My thesis research concerns the stratigraphy and paleontology within the Upper Ordovician (Richmondian) strata of the Cincinnati Arch region.  I have lectured at the University of Cincinnati and the University of Dayton, and I am currently the Paleontology Collections Manager for the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History.

My interests focus on the evolution of organisms and their environments during the early Phanerozoic.  Broadly speaking, my research primarily includes examination of the ecology, biology, and preservation of fossil organisms, the sedimentary properties of the units in which they are found, and high-resolution stratigraphic analysis of the studied intervals.

Affiliations and Relevant Organizations

Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science – Geier Collections and Research Center

University of Dayton

University of Cincinnati

Geological Society of America

Paleontological Research Institution

Dry Dredgers

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