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    • Hi Carrie. Many rocks in that area are Carboniferous (359-299 million years old) and further southwest they are Ordovician (485-444 million years old). Those hollow chambers tell me that you have some sort of cephalopod (the taxonomic class of Cephalopoda) whith the group that countains modern octopi amd squid in addition to the extinct ammonites. Idk what species it is but there might be a publication by the USGS online that could help.

    • Thanks for the guidance!

    • Is the rock really hard? Can you scratch it with the coin? I’ve found chert chunks with molds of fossils in Missouri. So no fossil remains but just an empty hole where the fossils were. I think they were Carboniferous in age! Many of the fossils were crinoid stems and looked like an imprint of a stack of Cheerios or smarties.