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    Cathy Young has contributed specimen mFeM 51592 to myFOSSIL!

    • hi @cathy-young – I am not sure Theropoda should be in the ordinal assignment entry field, what reasoning did you have for putting it there? Talk to you soon, Jen

      • Hi Jennifer,

        Sorry I haven’t replied to any of your inquiries. I’ve been extremely busy with my fossil trip business (Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures, plus I’m President of the Delaware Valley Paleontological Society. This IS a dromeosaurid tooth. The croc teeth ARE deinosuchus, the hadrosaur teeth ARE hadrosaur teeth. I guess the pictures are just not good. I collect once or twice a year at Phoebus Landing along the Cape Fear River. We find dino teeth there and many other wonderful things – as you can see. I’ve had much of my collection – including all dino teeth and bones – looked at by paleontologists – Dr. Steven Jasinski – Dr. Alex Hastings – Dr. David Parris – Dr. Rob Weems. Maybe I’ll have more time in the winter to take better pictures and discuss this all with you. I’m sorry – too much on my plate right now to worry about ID’s of pictures.
        As far as this entry – It’s a dromeosaurid. But – I am not familiar with ordinal assignment entry fields. Sorry – not a scientist – but am willing to learn.

        • No worries, Cathy. I am working to curate specimens so part of my job is to go through and confirm the information you had entered into the database. I was not questioning your knowledge or data but rather working to validate it through my own research. Let me know when your schedule slows down and I am happy to discuss further. Best wishes, Jen

          • Thanks Jennifer. Thank you for doing this. I’ll admit, when I first saw these, I thought I was being beaten up by some college kid – but then realized you’re probably working with The Fossil Project. I really do want to have my collection curated correctly. And of course have them correct on the My Fossil site. Sorry I don’t have time to deal with this now. When my trips slow down, probably in November, I’ll go back to your first e-mails and correspond with you about these. And, also send some better pictures. Thanks for understanding.

            • Of course, it’s no problem at all! I can see how it might be a bit alarming!!! The project funding is ending soon and I’m moving on to a new position – so I’m toggling between working through people’s collections and the big queue.

              Take your time and feel free to message me through myfossil if you have any questions or when you have a bit more time! I look forward to working with you!

              Good luck this fall!