Cathy Young

Cathy Young

West Chester, PA



Cathy Young


West Chester, PA

Fossil Specialty (if any)

I love all fossils, but am trying to specialize in fossil mollusks.

Favorite Collecting Site(s) or Region(s)

My favorite regions for collecting fossil mollusks are the Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers in Alabama, and the Chipola and Apalachicola Rivers in Florida. My favorite vertebrate site is Phoebus Landing along the Cape Fear River, NC for Cretaceous Age fossils, including dinosaur and deinosuchus fossils.


I was Director of Membership of The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia for 5 years, and started their Members Only Trips (including fossil trips). The fossil trips became my passion, so when I left The Academy, I started my own business, Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures. We collect fossils almost every weekend along the East Coast from April through October.

Affiliations and Relevant Organizations

Vice President of the Delaware Valley Paleontological Society

Group logo of Phoebus Landing Fossils