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    • This is possibly Spirifer concinnus

    • Possibly Spirifer mucronalus

    • Those are for the first and fifth pictures respectively

    • Thank you @paul-mclain . If you don’t mind me asking, how could you tell the difference between them? And do you know of any good resources for finding information out about Devonian fossils?

    • You are welcome. Devonian Paleontology of New York by David M Linsley is a great source (very thick book with lots of images). It is out of print but shows up on Amazon from time to time. These fossils are both Spirifers but there are some differences in shell morphology. The first fossil has a more rounded shell and not much in the way of tips projecting from the ends of the shell. Fossil five has a flatter appearance and has tips that due project from the ends. Look up Spirifer fossil images and I’m sure you will find a plate that shows a variety of shell morphologies. Happy hunting!