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    These three fossils were found in Catawba Ohio in a small creek (except for one). They are obviously coral, but I don’t know of what kind. I was also wondering if the right and left one’s are of the same type, or were even formed in the same area, due to their similar crystal structure. It would be very odd though, because one was found in a creek, meaning it probably washed down from somewhere up stream, while the other one was found in a field near the creek. Any thoughts?

    • there are many mineral formations that look similar to coral. however, this here could very well be heavily mineralised horn coral.

    • the center one is the one that looks least like coral.

    • If that were true @leonardo-miranda, what would say the middle one is? And are the other two just horn coral? Thank you!

    • for now, l don’t know.

    • The middle one looks sort of like a rudist (a Reef building clam) and I guess the other two could potentially be rudists. While the location is very good thinking, just because one was in a creek and one was in a field next to the creek does not mean they are not from the same area. The field could be the stream’s flood plane or the stream could be cutting through the fossil bed so they are not transported very far yet. The list goes on and on, because they are so similar I would say it is a safe bet they are the same species and age.

    • Thank you @chloe-geddes! Very helpful. I did think of that as being an option, and that’s why I was leaning a little more to the “same age, same species”, but it was still a peculiar find for me. Thank you for a second opinion.