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    Discussion thread for participants of the Educators Workshop on Tuesday (June 25) Workshop:

    1. What was your favorite presentation? Why? How do you think you can incorporate into your class?
    2. What do you need more information on to successfully employ the activity in your classroom?
    3. What would you have liked or have expected to have…

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    • I love the ability to digitally manipulate the fossil specimens on Digital Atlas of Ancient Life. I will definitely use the lesson plans on iDigFossils. I would like to acquire some physical models to use in my classroom. I expected to receive ideas to effectively implement the 5 E’s in science in the area of paleontology.

    • I like the 5E lesson plan with the Digital Atlas of Ancient Life website. I also enjoyed the hands on lesson using the 3D printed fossils and how it connected to a larger story of the animals that harmed the bison. I wish I had 3D printed fossils. I need more time to go through all the lessons. I appreciate the wide range of resources to use in…[Read more]

    • My favorite presentation was the hands-on 3D fossil models where you had to match the bite with the damage seen on the bones. I think I can incorporate this into a fun scientific method lesson. I teach Geology and Astronomy so the climate change is very interesting and relevant to my curriculum. Any material that included climate change would be…[Read more]

    • My favorite presentations were the ones on the use of Digital Atlas and iDigFossils. I loved the resources they showed us and the practical classroom/lesson plan application of those resources. I think they will be especially helpful when discussing fossils with students and teaching them that each fossil tells its own story. I would like more…[Read more]