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    Found in Bryson city, River Bed of Oconaluftee River #method

    • Greetings @christy-olsen ! Your specimen appears to be a metamorphic rock. With Bryson City occupying the Crystalline Appalachians of NC, fossils will be practically impossible to find since they almost exclusively appear in sedimentary rock. The geological forces which created the Appalachians will have destroyed or extremely distorted any fossils that my have existed. Also, distorted fossils in metamorphic rock are exceptionally rare. Traveling to areas around Knoxville or other areas in the Great Appalachian Valley will place you in contact with fossiliferous areas.

    • Great thank you! I was thinking arrowhead?

    • Looks like an arrow straightener

    • Just for the record, man made objects are not fossils

    • I understand: This is the only site I could find people that could help identify artifacts as well. Thank you