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    • Hi Clair, thank you for sharing your finds! I can help ID some of these. 1-4) these all appear to be Mako shark teeth, genus Isurus (except possibly #4); 5-6) megatooth shark anterior teeth, genus Carcharocles; 7-10) extinct white shark, Carcharodon hastalis (except #8); 11-14) megatooth shark lateral teeth, genus Carcharocles. 15-24) requiem sharks, genus Carcharhinus (except possibly #22). In order to add these as a specimen, you will need to photograph and upload each individually. This will also make it easier to identify these to a specific species. Hope this helps!

    • @vperez this is awesome, thanks so much! I just added a few of them and will add the rest at some point. Would love any additional identification!