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    Clair M has contributed specimen mFeM 70777 to myFOSSIL!

    • Common – Giant Tooth Shark, Kingdom – Animalia, Phylum – Chordata, Class – Chondrichthyes, Order – Lamniformes, Family – Otodontidae, Genus – Carcharocles, Specific Epithet – angustidens, Author – (Agassiz), Epoch – Oligocene (the rest above should fill in).

    • Hi @clair-m, same as the previous post, can you update the taxonomy to reflect the above ID, as well as upload photos of this specimen agaisnt a neutral background with your scale clearly displayed next to it?

    • @mackenzie-ross-2 is that first picture not neutral/not an okay scale?

    • @clair-m myFossil has a goal of making the fossils uploaded here research grade! Generally, a research grade photo is agaisnt a neutral background with a clear scale in the photo! Here’s a video from myFossil that explains it well!