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    • ammonite. looks bought

    • it was . I wanted to seek 2nd opinion and learn anything I can

    • yeah its a ammonite, but idk if its real

    • How would you be able to teach me to identify between real and fake? I believe it is real and just may been polished, but I could be wrong

    • Cephalopod, most likely from Erfoud, Morocco, from the same beds that produce the famous Orthoceras limestone. It does look polished and is probably not fake, as they are very common fossils. The subject of fakes is complicated and even professional paleontologists are fooled sometimes ( if you’re concerned, refrain from buying fossils, observe real specimens and specimens for sale, do research and eventually you start to develop a sense of what does not look right. However, as long as there is a financial incentive to sell fossils, there will always be fakes and fakers 1 step ahead of everyone else. Or you can find your own fossils in the field.

    • I have one just like this I was actually surprised and thought I accidentally uploaded or something

    • That’s an ammonite. real one, polished

    • maybe a Goniatite

    • Not only is it an ammonite but it’s also considered a “geopetal”! This means that it can tell us which wait is depositional up. Basically this animals dies, hits the ocean floor, and rolls around. Well it fills up with mud (the grey stuff/side) but not all the way, leaving a void space. This vug later becomes the perfect spot for a geode! Basically mud settles to the bottom of the shell and the crystals form in the top. Cool fossil!

    • What’s it worth?