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    Craig Steele has contributed a new specimen to myFOSSIL!

    • Possibly part of a trilobite or fern

    • This certainly looks like an external mold of a trilobite, as attested to by the central ridge bisecting the two halves and the fringe along the left. Any idea on a possible age, @jbauer?

    • @craig-steele, until we have further information on the age you can at least add “Paleozoic” to the geochronology/age of the fossil as most trilobites became extinct by the Devonian.

    • I agree with your assessment @i-edwards! It certainly looks like a trilobite mold. My guess would be Devonian based on the rock & preservation. Maybe @nathan-newell can confirm as he collects in similar rocks. Classification can be Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Arthropoda > Class Trilobita.

    • @jbauer @i-edwards I agree, it definitely looks like the back half of a trilobite mold. I’m not so sure about the age, the rocks I’ve collected have looked very different. I tend to find trilobites in freshly-split shale, but the rock here is really weathered. That makes sense if it was found along the river, but it’s interesting that the trilobite itself doesn’t look weathered at all. I wonder what its counterpart was like!

    • Probably a zachanthoidies trilobite