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    Daniel Goodwin has contributed a new specimen to myFOSSIL!

    • Hi @daniel-goodwin – Just want to introduce myself, I’m one of the curators for the eMuseum and we have been working to validate information uploaded by the users over the past few years. Each ‘specimen’ added to the myFOSSIL database is examined and we have a set of criteria we are looking at to help improve or curate the data associated with the specimen occurrence. The specimens with really high quality data will be sent along to iDigBio – a data aggregator that collects museum data from around the world – so any researcher or interested party can access it.

      So a specimen would be 1 individual with associated metadata – does that make sense? We have created a youtube series with videos on the entire process:

      Thank you for creating a new group and uploading some really excellent finds! We desperately need more mollusk experts on the site!

    • Thank you for the info…will check out the videos too…much aloha

    • Now Peristernia ustulata oahuensis Goodwin, D.R., 2021