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    A very random question that I just wanted to see how people answered- what is your favorite prehistoric organism? Currently mine would be Diplocaulus (as you can see by my profile picture).

    • I can’t choose one, I’ll give a list of the best. Trilobites, sea scorpions, orthocones, ammonites, scale trees, Dinosaurs, prehistoric amphibians, placoderms, pterosaurs, and marine reptiles. By the way, you should make this paleo-survey into a MyFossil group! I know some great questions to ask.

    • @kyle-griffiths I tried making a group (twice) but for some reason, it says : “Error: you do not have permission to do this.” Could anyone tell me how to fix this issue?

    • I don’t know, but you can email the customer support team about it.

    • What a fun challenge, l can’t really decide. It would definitely be a theropod dinosaur, the group that l am best skilled in. Maybe one of the early tyrannosaurs (proceratosaurs) or the spinosaurs, or even Deinocheirus!

    • Also, l exuberantly agree with making a group where we discuss and celebrate our favourite extinct creatures, as this application seems to be rather limited to the topic of identifying bizarre and confusing fossils found on beaches somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, it is fun to share finds with other people worldwide, but this application would increase exponentially in popularity if it could expand and cover all the topics in the farthest reaches of paleontology!

    • What are we waiting for?

    • @samantha-ocon or @sadie-mills, since I’m pretty sure you helped found this app, could you help with my group-making question above? I’ve also made a forum post on it in the “Help” forum topic if anyone wants to answer me there. Thank you very much!

    • Wait, they founded this app? Well I guess that explains why they’re everywhere and know everything.

    • the fossil overlords…. they even use that polite, slightly robotic tone of voice (well, texting voice) that is typical of the leaders in an internet group. Gives me the shivers sometimes, like being sent a kind letter from the school principal, yet it still creeps you out

    • Hey y’all (@leonardo-miranda, @kyle-griffiths, and @daniel-park)! The best way to let us know about issues with the website is pressing the blue button that says “send feedback” in the bottom right corner. We didn’t found the app, but we are part of the FOSSIL Project team, which is housed out of the Florida Museum of Natural History. I am unfortunately moving on to a graduate school, so I will no longer be as responsive from now on.

      On a side note, my favorite fossil animal is Anomalocaris but I also am partial to horseshoe crabs, as that is what I do research on.