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    • it kinda looks like a a coral almost or bone this one i don’t know. also is that your collection behind it?

    • Yea

    • Nice collection

    • @darcy-ehli this is definitely a bone though it’s hard to say what from given how fragmentary it is. Given the size its probably from something larger. Most of the rocks in the area you found it in are from the Paleocene, right after the dinosaurs died, and there are some animals found in it which are big enough to produce bone like that (Titanoides). There is also always the possibility of younger stuff from the ice age on top, like mammoth bones. Also possible is a modern large animal bone. You can hold a flame to the bone outside and see if it smells like burnt hair. If it does, there is still large amounts of collagen in it and it is likely modern.

    • It smells like woolly mammoth