• 4 weeks, 1 day ago
    David Hanes posted a new specimen.

    David Hanes has contributed specimen mFeM 60353 to myFOSSIL!

    • Gorgeous specimen, @David-Hanes. Unfortunately, the scale bar is a little out of focus; updating the images would really improve this entry.

      • Sam,

        I can improve the images now. This is an exceptional find from the Tolar Stevens site, Booneville.

        So, which images would pass the bar, and which images need to replaced? Can I use a non metric ruler for the images? This fossil has a lot of curves and rounded structure. The vertebra is about 2.5″s in height and 3.0″s in length.


    • If you don’t mind I will make some small changes to your classification and then mark it as research grade.

      • Excellent! You can make those changes.

        David T. Dockery III recently (2016) wrote a comprehensive book on Mississipi geology and paleontology. He worked with George Phillips, MMNS, and Dr. Dockery wrote about the “Coffee Sand” stratigraphy.