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    Hello all, I thought I’d written an introduction already, but it didn’t post, so here it is again.

    I teach High School biology in Woodburn, Oregon. I received my undergrad degree from Brigham Young University and my Masters from Oregon State University. My original focus was history teaching with a biology minor, but I was hired as a biology teacher and have done that for all of my career.

    When I came to Woodburn in 1997, a accidental discovery of late Pleistocene bones was found on the campus while crews were fixing a sewer line. With the help of local professionals, I’ve been luck to conduct a dig each year with my biology classes. We find remains of plants and animals that lived around 13,000 years ago in a large ponding area. I use the fossils to try to help us understand what this area looked like at the end of the ice age. I also teach a class on Human anatomy and the bones from this site help me teach comparative anatomy as well.

    I’m excited to join the group. I hope to glean from you ideas on how to use fossils to teach more than just evolution or comparative anatomy. I’ve had the privelige of working with myFOSSIL before and have enjoyed then field trips and discussions.


    • Thanks for sharing Dave! Your field and classroom experience will be a great asset to the group. Evolution and comparative anatomy are very interesting, but, like you said, I am interested in providing other lesson ideas for your classroom! I think that this opportunity to work with a Miocene deposit will provide new comparative information, but will also provide information on large-scale migrations and success stories. I look forward to working with you again!