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    Delwin Glasner has contributed specimen mFeM 56101 to myFOSSIL!

    • Size and large serrations make it look like Carcharodon carcharias vice megalodon. I also don’t see remnants of the chevron shaped bourlette. Note: Specific Epithet does not include the C. Also genus is capitalized, species is not. So it should read Genus – Carcharodon. Specific epithet – carcharias – family Lamnidae). Author is (Linnaeus). Parens indicate the genus was changed from the original but the species is the same. Make changes and I will mark it as Research grade. It is from an unusual location.

    • Cane River is middle Eocene, that would change the specimen to Family – Otodontidae, Genus – Carcharocles or Otodus (still up in the air but leaning towards Otodus, either is acceptable), specific epithet – aksuaticus, Author – (Menner). Age is Lutetian. Do you want me to make the changes?