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    Delwin Glasner has contributed specimen mFeM 59645 to myFOSSIL!

    • Hi, @delwin-glasner! This is a very cool paleobotanical specimen. Would you be interested in making this research grade? If so, we could start by adding a few more pictures at different angles. Also, @mackenzie-smith might be able to help you narrow down the classification of this fossil a little more.

    • Porocystis globularis is the specimen I know from there but this seems more elongated. Perhaps a different species or deformed during preservation?

      • Yes I have found some of those at the site but they were round and a little smaller that a golfball.

        • I’m gonna search around and see if I can get back to you. It is very tiny – perhaps it could be a fragment of an echinoid spine or a foram…

      • Definitely not Porocystis. A site near Bandera has produced several small floating crinoids. This doesn’t look like any I have found from there but might be what it is. Does it have calcitic cleavage anywhere, or does it look more like limestone fill?

    • I would agree with it being an echinoderm spine, based on the size and shape and pattern of ornamentation. @jbauer, do you have any input?