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    1. I have been a teacher for over twenty five years, the last 17 in second grade. I live in Burlington, MA with my husband, two daughters and a retired greyhound.  I enjoy traveling, reading, history and science. I was inspired to write Dinogirl: Young Paleontologist after attending the DIG school for teachers in Hell Creek, Montana in 2014 and I’ve been digging ever since!
    2. I teach second grade in Dracut, Massachusetts.
    3. I am amazed at the variety of animals that once lived in North America!
    4.  I’d like to learn more about the geography of the various regions back then and how changes over time affected the different species. I’d also be interested to know if by studying the GABI, can the science be applied to help modern day threatened or endangered species?
    5. For my lesson, I’d like to have students build models of an environment with mock landforms and water features, then replicate the changes over time and how it affected the living things in the area.  I would also like to communicate live from the field in Florida to my class so my students can see real scientists (and citizen scientists) at work and share in the experience!
    • Thanks for participating Denise! I know that we would all benefit from a Facebook live event at Montbrook! What do you think @bmacfadden? I am very interested in your lesson idea! Model building is a great way to incorporate math, engineering, and potentially, technology, into a lesson! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

      • Is there another platform we could use other than Facebook live? We are allowed to use Google Hangout, but I don’t know if that records once the call is ended.

        • We can also use Adobe Connect which does have a recording feature. i can see if the room is available and reserve it. what time would you like to do it at?