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    Dominik Niehaus has contributed specimen mFeM 68603 to myFOSSIL!

    • Hi @Dominik-Niehaus! Commercially purchased fossils are fine if they are acquired legally. For the eMuseum, we like multiple photos of all the sides of the fossil, just so researchers who might be interested in looking at this fossil can see the entire thing.

    • @samantha-ocon would if I could, but this one’s glued into the case – there really aren’t more angles available

    • That’s fair! @I-Edwards is one of our resident cephalopod experts, so I’ll tag him in.

    • I already filled in the information from the label. Dr. Krantz runs the local geological supply store, so his ID should be reliable.

    • Hello @dominik-niehaus and @samantha-ocon! No doubt Dr. Krantz does a fine job at this, as there are so many ammonites they can be tricky at times! Perisphinctes is perhaps one of the most famous ammonite genus, so that much is hard to get wrong. I tried to determine the species as well, and P. oxfordien is the only thing that has the correct ribbing, plus it is of the correct age as well. I hope this helps, and if Dr. Krantz ever says something otherwise I would love to know his thoughts, as I am just learning myself!

    • @i-edwards I don’t know him personally, I just read his name on the label 😉

    • Excellent! Thanks to both of you for working that out.

    • Do you know anything about the geology of Ron, France, @dominik-niehaus? I tried googling that city and it didn’t seem to have any results, so it might have been cut off of a longer city name by myFOSSIL.

    • @samantha-ocon I’m sorry, this is one fossil I know nothing about because I just bought it as a kid – I added a picture of the label just in case I misread it, though

    • It does turn out that I was mistaken, however – F. Krantz was the founder of the store, which is now run by his descendants. Guess I better take off that name

    • Hi, @Dominik-Niehaus – thank you for your patience. This is much like solving a puzzle for me; luckily, I’m conversational in German as well. It seems like there is no town called “Ron” in France, but there are definitely upper Jurassic strata in southern France. That might be a good place to start searching. As for this fossil entry, I think just changing the country to France and adding a note of what this label describes (Ron in Southern France) is our best bet.

    • @samantha-ocon Done and done. And thank you for your help, I don’t think there’s a fossil I’ve uploaded that you haven’t at least tried to help identify 🙂

    • I’m glad I could help, @Dominik-Niehaus. It’s my job as curator!