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    operculam; turbinidae.
    would it be considered as fossil?? #fossil

    • These look modern to me, they’re just too shiny imo

    • is the operculum of a modern gastropod that over time have been grounded polished by the sea

    • and addresing Gloria’s coment fossils of all ages can have spectacular lusters it all depends in the time that the mineralization took to ocur and the composition of the fossils them selfs

    • @carlos-solana-redondo yes you’re generally right but in this case the specimen(s) does appear to be modern and not fossilized. It still has its original shine and coloration, traits that are usually lost during fossilization. During fossilization it might acquire new colors/textures, but it will rarely keep all of its original features like is the case here. So I agree with @gloria-carr here, this is not a fossil specimen