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    Hi! I’m a 13 yo, wanna be paleontologist I already have 3-ish fossils? The far left one I have no idea what it is, the middle one is a Megalodon tooth, and the last one is just a bone fragment. But I would like help to know maybe where the 2 grey fossils came from DM me with ideas maybe? (I’m new so please don’t come at me) #fossil

    • I’m, sry, But the middle one is definitely not a megladon tooth

    • Hi, @Ellie-Russell! The eMuseum can only accept specimen entries if they have only one individual fossil, so I must mark this as “not a specimen”. However, if you do want to enter these individually, we can work together on identifying them.

    • @ellie-russel The top left one looks like a mold of a shell, probably a snail (gastropod). Thanks for sharing!