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    People: PLEASE do your research before coming on this app and trying to identify fossils or asking to be ID’d. Me and many others are tired of people posting on this app saying the normal rock they found is a dinosaur egg, or people thinking that a tortoise shell is a giant oyster. It’s irritating and you are providing misinformation to amateur paleontologists. Do not come on this app identifying fossils unless you know what you’re doing.

    • What I look for first is symmetry and repeating texture. Look at images of parts of living things. Bones and teeth have a natural symmetry. Rocks do not. They are usually irregular in shape. Shells and things like coral have repeating textures. Soft tissue has a one in a billion chance of fossilizing. Take a steak out of your freezer and bury it in the ground. Come back in a year and see if you can find it. Now do the same thing with an egg. Seems kind of delicate. What do you think are the chances of it surviving 80 million years and turning into that nice round rock you found?

    • @bill-heim you are exactly right👍

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    • Always lick the fossil