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    3 years, 8 months ago
    3 years, 8 months ago

    I have started a 3D printing and fossil club for 6th graders at our school in Santa Cruz:

    those of you that have similar clubs, do you have any pointers? I have students with a range of interests from fossil identification to wanting to 3d print. Is there an easy format for students to share their fossil finds, perhaps one of the forums here? Let me know what you think.?

    thanks Erin


    • Hi, @erin-lindberg! How cool that you are starting a 3D printing and fossil club at your school! 🙂 I believe that @cgrant, @jeanette-pirlo, @maggie-paxson, @skillingsworth, or @tmorgan should be able to give you some pointers!

      • This is great to hear @erin-lindberg! We could start a group for youth clubs, a place where all participants can meet and talk. They can use the forums for identification and ask more specific questions. I’m excited to hear your plans! Will they be scanning and uploading their finds to the 3D gallery? Let me know if I can help. Hey @maggie-paxson, how did Saturday go? I was scheduled to me at Montbrook and sad I couldn’t make it out to the creek.

    • We meet about every other week and focus on different paleontology concepts each time. We actually have our first collecting trip to a Gainesville creek tomorrow morning! To scaffold I did a lesson about Gainesville fossils and brought them two big buckets of fossil medium from the creek we’re going to for them to sift through and ID their finds. I’ll add 3D printing in the spring. My plan was to have them find a 3D scan of an organism they are interested in, and I wanted to have them do mini-presentations on the organism prior to printing it. My club is still fairly small at about a dozen kids, so I intend to let them keep their models, but this might become unmanageable if the club gets much bigger. Good luck! I look forward to hearing how it works out!!

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