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    Pam, Jeanette, anyone else..any interest in going fossil hunting on Monday (MLK day?)  We would love to go hunting…doesn’t have to be the Peace River, could be anywhere.  Just let me know!

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    I will keep an eye out! I have an inflatable kayak.

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    I will definitely let you know!

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    I know several of you are regular Peace River visitors, and a few of you were offering to take people out.  Well I am ready!  I know the river is high right now, but as soon as it lowers enough, my son and I really want to go.  We don’t scuba dive, so would like to be in an area shallow enough to dig and sift.  I would like to go before it gets TOO cold.


    Ginny Switt

  • I do this with third grade, so a much younger crowd.  I put sticky notes up down our hallway, from my classroom to our library (so winding through the school).  My white board is humans, and about halfway around my classroom is dinosaurs, right outside my room are the first shelled animals, first single celled animals, etc…then walking really, really far to get to the potential meteor crash 3 billion years ago, and finally the creation of Earth about 4.5 billion years ago when we reach the library.  They realize what a tiny part of geologic time contained humans.

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    I wanted to thank everyone for a wonderful, informative PD.  I am sorry I did not get to go “creeking” with you all (I am going to a wedding) but I really enjoyed meeting each and every one of you.  When you have a chance, can you post your name, where you are from, and your specialty on here?  I remember everyone now, but in 6 months when I am teaching and suddenly need advice, I am of course going to forget who is an expert in what (except for George; he knows everything!)


    Ginny Switt [email protected]

    Oak Hall School 2-4th grade science teacher and lower school science coordinator

    Gainesville, FL

    Want any and all active collecting opportunities: Next goal, Peace River!

    • Hi Ginny!

      Stephanie Killingsworth: [email protected]
      7/8 gifted science Conniston Middle School
      West Palm Beach, Florida
      member of myFOSSIL, GABI-RET, follower of Dry Dredgers, Tampa Bay Fossil Club, Active digger at many sites!

    • Excellent idea.
      Tricia Lynn (Glotfelty-Grosser)
      Avocational paleontologist
      Florida fossils.
      Especially mammals.
      Especially horses and proboscidians.
      Member of several fossil clubs, fossil educator in schools, digging weekly to discover more fossils!!
      Located in Hudson FL.

    • Jeanette Pirlo
      Grad Student of Paleontology
      Interested in studying sharks
      Gainesville, FL

    • David Lindberg
      Member, Paleontological Society of Austin (among others)
      Interested in marine Cretaceous reptiles
      Austin, TX

    • Jen Bauer
      Member of the Dry Dredgers, Knoxville Gem and Mineral Society
      Grad student in Invertebrate Paleontology (super interested in Paleozoic inverts)
      Knoxville, TN

    • Eleanor Gardner
      previous FOSSIL Coordinator at FLMNH and new Outreach & Engagement Coordinator at the Univ of Kansas Nat. History Museum
      Master’s degree in geology with specialization in avian taphonomy/paleontology
      Lawrence, KS

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    I loved the actual act of digging, and my students today LOVED to see the pictures that I had!  I learned so much about identifying fossils.

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