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    Gwen Kilian has contributed specimen mFeM 76722 to myFOSSIL!

    • Hi @gwen-kilian, do you know anything else about the locality this came from? It seems likely the specimen was collected from the Bermont Fm if it is indeed Eremotherium and not another ground sloth. Also, can you add Order Pilosa to the classification? Thanks!

    • UF has lots of information about this site, but I’m a generation removed since this came from my Aunt’s collection. More likely, I’m wrong on the Genus.

    • You’re right about the Bermont Fm and I don’t see Eremotherium on the mammal list. Suggestion of genus?

    • Sorry this took me so long to reply to @gwen-kilian! I guess it got lost in the shuffle with all the specimens uploaded. If you tag us @username, it makes it easier for us to find these comments. It’s hard to say for sure if it’s Nothrotheriops or Paramylodon since it’s a vertebra, which can be notoriously difficult to distinguish taxonomically without direct comparison. I think our safest bet is to classify it to Order Pilosa and in the notes say could be Nothrotheriops texanus or Paramylodon harlani.

    • Thanks, @smoran.