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    • Hey @holly-romanek ! I believe your specimen is a chert block. So, not technically a fossil but still composed of compressed diatom skeletons.

    • Might be petrified wood

    • @bill-heim @matthew-gramling Yeah? That inner rough part that’s tubular is what’s throwing me off. So you don’t think bone at all?

    • Like in the first pic, you can see the top and left side it has a very grainy like feel to it and the center is rounded

    • I would expect bone to surrounded by sedimentary material and not what seems to be quartz. Quartz often replaces cells in petrified wood. The other problem is that New York was scraped bare by the glaciers removing any material between the Paleozoic and the Holocene (Long Island is terminal moraine deposited by the glaciers). In the Paleozoic, the only vertebrate material is from very primitive fishes and after the glaciers, there would not be enough time for replacement by quartz. To be honest, I am not 100% sure that this is a fossil and not a mineral deposit.

    • @holly-romanek If you collected this in Shawagunk in Ulster County then I think we can definitely preclude petrified wood because the entire area is composed of Middle Ordovician strata.

    • My humble opinion is that it is Ordvician cher because is looks almost identical to Cambro-Ordivician Knox Grop Chert I have collected here in NW GA.

    • *chert

    • @bill-heim @matthew-gramling fascinating. I’ll always be thankful for the information you 2 can provide! My aunt isn’t 100% sure, but I think in this region (NY).. will look for some sea-like fossils tomorrow! Thank you for everything guys. Have a great night!

    • @holly-romanek That is certainly your best bet if the geological map on Rockd is correct for Shawagunk. Happy collecting!