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    James Parks has contributed a new specimen to myFOSSIL!

    • Hi, @james-parks – I am not too familiar with marine vertebrates. You are thinking this may also be a plesiosaur vertebrae? On our web-based platform you can add multiple images of the same specimen very easily – Would you be able to take another view of the specimen? @jeanette-pirlo may be able to help some with further IDing. Talk to you soon, Jen

    • Thanks Jen! I’ve actually never seen a plesiosaur vert and have no way of distinguishing it other than looking online. I can say though that it doesn’t look whale-like so we can eliminate that option. Also the texture of the bone looks a bit turtley so I’d be game to say this is of a reptile. Depending on where it was found, it could better inform the age of the rock the type of species you’d get from there!

    • Thanks for adding another photo @james-parks. I’ll try tagging in a few others and see what they say @vperez @smoran

      • Unfortunately, I don’t there is much I can add here. Locality could help narrow it down, but verts can be difficult to ID.

    • You must send these to Dr. David Schwimmer at Columbus state! Plesiosaur fossils are quite rare from the Blufftown Formation. That is a great specimen! I’m jealous lol.

    • @cameron-muskelly thanks man! I’ll send them to him along with info of where I found them.

    • @jbauer thanks a bunch! I’m learning lol