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    • Dig it out!

    • I’m tempted but think I’ll leave it because it is now part of the cave and I don’t want to damage the cave.

    • is this a cave that you discovered, or is it protected by law? because obviously you would not be allowed to harvest bones from a cave that is a public attraction. some caves near my home are the Sterkfontein caves, where the ancient hominids like little foot and Mrs Ples were found. Strict look-but-don’t-touch policy

    • Doing damage to a cave is considered vandalism in Wisconsin. I only collect surface finds. I catalog every find to make sure the data is still in context if it’s ever needed.

    • This is a “wild” cave that very few people know of.

    • interesting. l recommend leaving the cave intact and not interfering with anything. bones are sometimes best enjoyed in their natural site instead of in a collection. As for laws, here in South Africa removing or displacing contents of a cave would earn oneself a fine and some jail time. l limit myself to collecting stalactite bits that have broken off and litter the floor