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    James Race has contributed a new specimen to myFOSSIL!

    • Yepperz! Most likely bone (lick it, if it sticks to your tongue it’s bone); or a schist; or a bone replaced by sand and schist chemicals.

    • Hip of some bovine-like creature, with flat bones

    • Greetings @james-race ! Do you have any photos from different angle? It would help to identify the specimen better. Grand Prairie is surrounded by Late Cretaceous and Pleistocene strata. But, I agree with @lisa-craig that it appears at first glance to be from an ungulate of some variety.

    • Is it lightweight or does it feel and weigh more like a rock? P.S. Schist is a metamorphic rock (i.e. shale or similar rock that has been altered by heat and pressure), it does not replace bone or other fossils. See:

    • Isn’t that a Brachiopod?

    • l agree with kyle, it looks like a brachiopod shell. It could have disintegrated and been replaced with that grainy rock

    • I disagree I do not believe it to be brachiopod this is bone of some sort I have another bone of the exact color and crystallization effect

    • If you look closely at the back you can see the state and you or some sort of skin tissue as it’s flattened out like you would see on a fish

    • It has the hinge at the top and the shell underneath.

    • That is just other shells added in after

    • Hey @james-race ! I’m not totally sure that this is a fossi. While your initial photo looked promising, your subsequent photos from other angles make it seem more like a mineralized sedimentary rock. I’d not see anything that would suggest organic structure such as capillary marks in bone, etc. If somehow it somehow is a fossil, then it has been badly weathered and degraded.

    • Wish I could post a video on here to show the comparisons and the details it has