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    Found this article by @joyce-drakeford when combing through the newsletters!

    “Fossil Reference Books”

    • Thanks @jbauer! I love my stacks of reference books and really miss writing articles!!

    • Why farewell??

      • The project’s funding expires in September. A goal of this last stretch is to make it more self-sustaining and community driven. Could you message me your email address? I will make note to message you when we are getting ready for the last newsletter!

        • Hi, @jbauer ! Do you mean the funding of myFOSSIL will expire? Will that have an impact on the site or the app?

          • Yes, the NSF project funding expires in September 2019. We are working on a plan to make everything more community driven but there will be some changes. I have a team of three volunteers that are going to help me curate the specimens and will be in those positions for two-years and then we will be looking for new volunteers. We will also need help running the social media accounts, they are really active right now but we will slowly wind down and then hopefully other users may be interested in continuing in some capacity. Maybe it’s more sharing content from the site and sharing pre-existing things then making all the graphics like we have been. The app and website will still be functioning and have a monthly maintenance schedule. I think I will still be on as a 1/4-1/3 time to help make sure the data you all are entering is still getting vetted. Does that all make sense? We haven’t quite worked out all the details but the idea is the platforms will continue on but with no full paid team behind it.

            • Okay, thank for letting me know! And if you need any help with anything, I’ll definitely volunteer. I work as software engineer, and I have some experience with graphic design, so maybe my experience would be applicable here.

    • Wow. I didn’t know the newsletter was going too. Bummer.

      • It’s possible the community can work to produce it but I’m not going to lie, it’s a big effort and takes a lot of time. There are three of us that work on it.