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    Arca subrostrata Miocene bivalve from Maryland. Can anyone confirm this identification? I have an inkling that it needs updating as it was ID-ed in 1927…. #fossil

    • Very nice! Looking at the Calvert Marine Museum that does seem to be the best fit. However the genus name is now Dallarca, so what you have is Dallarca subrostrata! It’s always cool to have fossils from old collections!

    • @max-dereme – thank you! That’s just as I suspected! I agree, I really enjoy when the labels have the actual collection date on them!!

    • I would like to throw the genus Anadara into the ring. It’s the same family but I don’t know what separates the two genera.

    • @mackenzie-smith yeah it does look very similar (same family like you said), but the IDing problem is very straightforward here, just a change in genus name. Species stays the same. At the website (it seems to have a relatively large overview of all the different species), Dallarca subrostrata fits perfectly with the specimens here, and there is no mention of any Anadara species on that website (of course, more research could be done, but I’m relatively confident of the ID proposed here)