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    If any one is interested, I will be stepping down as Vice President of the Southeastern Section of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers and they will be looking for a new rep.

    So far I have helped form a social media committee with two officers for our Facebook and Twitter accounts, helped promote and review the Outstanding Earth Science Teacher’s award, and edit the website. There are no defined roles, although I have made note of everything I have done so it would be easy to transfer to someone else – otherwise the role is flexible to make of it what you will. It would be an easy way for a graduate student (or two) to be involved with a society.

    It would be good if someone from Florida was on the board, especially since our group has such a strong connection to K-12 teachers (that’s who the society focuses on, it’s just run by faculty at universities). Please bring this up at the upcoming meeting! I’m happy to answer any questions.