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    11 months, 2 weeks ago

    From the end of the day yesterday:

    The last bit of my #DayOfScience Scienceathon is going to be spent looking through some of the #UMichPaleo #Devonian collections and recording what is where!

    These specimens have undergone two major moves across campus in the past year to end up in this nice off-campus facility. Much of our stratigraphic (organized by time) collection is not well cataloged but is incredibly useful. For instance, I’d like to find some brachiopods to let the young scientist compare her’s to when she arrives this afternoon. So I can pick through the different formation and determine what may look most like her specimens. Or give her a better glimpse into other fossils in the area.

    Since I am new to caring for these collections I have to work to translate what the previous manager and students did in this space. That takes some effort but they left enough bread crumbs for me to follow along and work out the details! #fossil #event