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    Hi everyone, I am cleaning up our database and ran into a name I couldn’t find but the specimen is recorded as being from the Miocene of the Calvert Cliffs¬† so I wonder if @vperez or @bill-heim may recognize a typo that is causing my google searches to fail… It is likely (but not necessarily) an invertebrate: Cordula idonea

    • Hey Jen! Can you send a link to the specimen in question? I don’t recognize the name either, but may be able to recognize the specimen if I saw it. When I search myFOSSIL for Cordula no results come up.

    • Hi Jennifer- could it be Bicorbula idonea?

    • @vperez – this is a specimen in the UMMP database, not myFOSSIL – should have specified, sorry. @cindy-lockner – I think you got it! Someone must have dropped the bi- prefix. Thanks for your insight!! Sometimes the typos are just enough that googling simply doesn’t provide any results!

    • Thanks for catching that. I was starting to go through my invertebrate references. Fortunately, I took the time to mask up and decontaminate with plenty of sanitizer afterwards.