Jonathan Bloch

Jonathan Bloch

Gainesville, FL



Jonathan Bloch


Gainesville, FL

Fossil Specialty (if any)

Cenozoic Vertebrates

Favorite Collecting Site(s) or Region(s)

Paleocene and Eocene of the Clarks Fork, Bighorn, and Crazy Mountains basins of Wyoming and Montana; Paleocene and Eocene Cerrejon and Bogota formations of northern Colombia; Early Miocene of Panama


I study fossil mammals in order to address questions surrounding the first appearance and early evolution of the modern orders of mammals. A major emphasis is the interval from the terminal Cretaceous through the early Eocene, which includes the evolution and diversification of “archaic” mammals following the extinction of the dinosaurs (ca. 65 mya), and the first appearance of nearly one-half of the modern orders of mammals, several appearing coincident with rapid, large-scale, global warming at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary (ca. 55 mya). Specific research topics include: (1) the response of mammal communities to climate change; (2) use of phylogenetic methods to infer hypotheses of relationships; and (3) use of functional morphology in order to study the evolution and paleoecology of small mammals.

Affiliations and Relevant Organizations

Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida

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