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    To all you Gators ot there – I’ll be sending an Archaeocyathid specimen (pictured in the fossil list) to the Virginia Museum of Natural History.  Alex Hastings, director of VMNH, is a Gator, too.  If email is any indication, he’s a good guy.

    • Go Gators! @alexander-hastings, looks like you’re getting a nice specimen for the museum! @jeff-nolder what interested you in sending it off to the museum?

      • I got tired of the neat stuff sitting in my basement. Some of it is going to Carnegie, but this one os from VA, and @nathan-newell told me about VMNH. I contacted them and Alex was interested. Lotsa Archies in the Virginia Cambrian, but they’re not often this well-preserved. I’d like this stuff to be available.

        • Thanks again, Jeff, we’ll be glad to have it! As you say, it’s a really nice example, and unlike a lot of donations you have a pretty good idea where it came from, so it will definitely be useful. Slight correction, I’m the Curator for Paleontology here at the VMNH, not the director, but thanks for the “promotion”!