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    Hi, Eleanor – Must be a backdoor glitch, but it’s timely.  I plan to show off a beautiful figure my younger daughter drew (Fathers’ Day present) of the Domatoceras specimen.  What better venue, right?  As soon as the conditions are good I’ll take a picture and pass it on.

    Figuring fossil specimens is a lost art.  Before photography was widely available, paleontologists were judged as much by their drawing ability as the other aspects of research.

    • Indeed, you are correct! Before @rleder returned to Germany, he often espoused the need for artistic skills as a paleontologist. (Especially for the all-important field notes!)

      • As an undergrad I took a paleo course from Steve Stanley. He was very much into structure-function, and our first assignment was drawing a live clam’s descent into sediment. He had informal debates with Bob Bakker that were legendary. Of course, Bakker loved debates, and would hold hallway discussions with anyone.
        Geez, reminiscing is becoming a habit with me.