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    Hi All,
    I have deleted all other photos of the “tooth” and uploaded new. Note: Here are two teeth which I believe belonged to the same animal in the photos. You can distinguish between the teeth by the color. The darkish teeth are all from the first tooth and the tan colored tooth is the other tooth. (Each tooth is about the size of a pea) Hope these help in the identification. Have a great Christmas and safe New Year.

    • Thanks, Jerry! Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this tooth mystery! @jeanette-pirlo – was difficult to tell in previous photos but any guesses now? Or know of anyone that may have a better idea? Maybe @vperez? Jerry uploaded many more images – please click to look at them all!

      • Hi @jerry-hughes can you give us some more info on the tooth? Where did you find it? etc. Thanks!

        • Thanks all, for your help. The fossils were found in the southern California desert. Other fossils that have been found in this area are anywhere from 4 to 6 m.y.o. so, I’m guessing these teeth are from that time period too. The teeth were deposited on what was the “guts” of the Grand Canyon and the common thought is that they were deposited there, much later of course, in what used to be a northern extension of the Sea of Cortez which has long retreated to its present location. It has been examined by other paleontologists who have “thought” they may be teeth from a seal but no confirmation on that. Just a guess. Other fossils found in that area have been from fish, invertebrates, but land animals too. These were located not far from where fossilized walrus bones have been found. Thank you all for looking at this and hopefully we will be able to pinpoint from what animal it’s from. 🙂

    • Hi all,
      Could this actually be an “unknown” species, since no one is able to put an I.D. on it??? Paleontologists here in S. Cal. haven’t been able to identify it either. But thank you for all your input.

      • So looking these over again, I am leaning towards a croc tooth perhaps. you mentioned they are quite small, but the length-wise striations on the tooth remind me of croc teeth.

        • The croc tooth is a possibility because there have been other croc bones found in the area too! Thank you so much for getting back with me on this. I will pass on this info to the “experts” so they can have a closer look, with the teeth in hand.