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    @llundgren, @matthew-croxton, @rleder, @gsantos, @jbauer  I haven’t seen any other comments on this article yet but I did a quick look-over.  This is top notch methodology for certain.  I think it has very little application for we rank amateurs because the equipment and software involved is well over $3,000.00 not counting the pc.  I’d love to have this set-up myself.  I know Mathew has done a description of doing focus stacking here on MyFossil that I believe was on a lower budget that what these guys have used.

    When we attended NAPC in 2014, a company called Macroscopic Solutions was demoing their equipment that does focus stacking.  For $20,000 they could put you into a complete system.  They also do contract imaging for people if you send them the specimen. This was only 2D focus stacking and did not do any 3D.

    So, if you have one of those whopping big academic budgets (or a grant), go for it. 🙂