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    Anyone on here ever see this video?  The fellow is collecting fossil shells in Florida at night using UV flashlights.  He finds a lot of cone shells with color preservation that only shows with the UV light.  Anyone know the age of these fossils or where he might be collecting?


    • I can’t open the link, but I believe it’s the video by PaleoCris? I saw it too, absolutely crazy. I believe Cris mostly hunts in the Nashua Formation (Pliocene) when it comes to shells, but I’m not too sure if this location is also from that formation.

    • Thanks for sharing this video Jack!

      • Sure! This is the first time I have seen color patterns show up with UV but these are fairly recent fossils – Pliocene I believe. I have gone somewhat nuts on fluorescent minerals and stumbled on this on one of the sites I check for that phenomena. Many of our fossils have some degree of fluorescence – usually the calcite which gives an orange glow under UV. A certain percentage of manganese and lead impurities within the calcite produce the fluorescence. Some fossils from the west can have a green fluorescence that is caused by a uranium oxide ion impurity. Also, some fluorescent fossils will phosphoresce after the UV is turned off. I have some Ordovician stromatoporoid fossils that do that.