Jack Kallmeyer

Jack Kallmeyer

Cincinnati, OH



Jack Kallmeyer


Cincinnati, OH

Fossil Specialty (if any)

Ordovician (Cincinnatian) echinoderms, especially crinoids

Favorite Collecting Site(s) or Region(s)

The Greater Cincinnati area including S.E. Indiana, North central Kentucky and S.W. Ohio


Retired mechanical engineer specializing in project management. I have been fortunate to have authored or been listed as co-author on a number of refereed journal papers on the local paleontology. I volunteer at the Geier Collections and Research Center, a part of the Cincinnati Museum Center. My most applicable interest outside of fossils is photography. I did wedding photography on a small scale years ago but most of my recent work has been in the macro world photographing fossils.

Affiliations and Relevant Organizations

President, Dry Dredgers

Member of the Paleontological Society

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