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    Hey folks, I could use some help identifying this fossil. Purchased from a vendor who said it was a fish rostrum from Eocene deposits, collected in Taylor County, FL. Problem is, it doesn’t look like any fish rostrum to me. It is hollow, cylindrical, with longitudinal ridges running the length of this fragment on all sides. So, any ideas? Thanks

    • Hi @jon-moore, I’m going to tag several people who work with Florida fossils in case they have any ideas on what this is! @jeanette-pirlo, @vperez, @smoran, @rnarducci, @charlie-smith @cindy-lockner, any ideas on this fossil? Thanks!

    • It is from a genus of extinct fish called Cylindracanthus, which can be found in Florida. They lived from the Cretaceous through the Eocene, so it seems likely that the information you got from the seller is accurate.

    • Thank you Sadie and Victor! Cylindracanthus does indeed look like the specimen. Still having troubles believing it is rostrum, given how hollow and thin-walled my specimen is. I am more inclined to think spine of some sort. Some interesting hypotheses floating around in the literature on Cylindracanthus. But at least I now know what to call it. Much appreciated.