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    Joseph Dumont has contributed specimen mFeM 53890 to myFOSSIL!

    • @joseph-dumont – very cool specimens. I’m trained as an invertebrate paleontologist could you explain what these pieces are so I can expand my knowledge base? Thanks! Jen

      • These are the front or hind foot bones from a three-toed horse (Mesohippus sp.) collected in northwestern Nebraska on private ranch – approximately 20 miles north Crawford. The bones were a surface find and I was unable to find additional three-toed horse bones associated with these foot bones in the nearby area. Oligocene – lower Brule formation. I contacted Dr. MacFadden (The Fossil Horses Forum) to see if he could determine if these were from the front or hind foot, but since the diagnostic wrist or ankle bones were missing, he stated that it would be difficult to tell for sure. Dr. MacFadden did provide an excellent reference publication for the placement of the sesamoids bones.
        myFOSSIL site and the Florida Museum of Natural History have always been very helpful in sharing their knowledge of paleontology and I appreciate that, Thanks

        • That’s awesome! I’ve always been interested in horse evolution but haven’t dove into the literature too much on it to get more familiar with the anatomy. Thank you so much for sharing. @bmacfadden is definitely the horse expert and filled with excellent knowledge.