• Joseph Dumont posted a new specimen. 1 year, 10 months ago

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    Joseph Dumont has contributed specimen mFeM 56077 to myFOSSIL!

    • Hi, @joseph-dumont, excellent specimen! I agree that gastropod coloration pattern is a really interesting thing to think about. Would you be interested in adding in the higher order classification and maybe an image with a scale so I could validate your measurements? Specimens that meet certain requirements will be submitted to a data aggregator so that other interested parties can know about your specimen.

      For classification help I start with the iDigBio portal (many museum specimen records):

      • Added a image with a mm scale and updated information for this shell – Thank you for the link to iDigBio – added to my
        favorites link list.

        • Excellent! Thanks, Joseph! The iDigBio portal takes some getting used to but is a really powerful tool; I use it regularly for casual learning and for research questions.