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    • This is an absolutely beautiful and intricate piece of…bone-like thing. I’ve never seen anything like this before, although it may have something to do with its preservation. I believe this is a fossil and doubt a rock could erode in such a pattern. Mabey @matthew-gramling or @chloe-geddes have an idea on what this is and why it looks like this.

    • It could even be some sort of sea creature like a sponge or some kind of filter feeder.

    • @a-trilobite I wondered about the potential of a sea creature, as there are bits of sand stuck down in the crevices! could also just be that it at some point ended up in a body of water though 🤔🤷‍♀️

    • Greetings @a-trilobite and @katie-lingle ! To me this looks more like weathered limestone or similar sedimentary rock than a fossil. More photos from different angles may help.

    • @matthew-gramling can rock erode like this? I’ve never seen erosion as complex as this.

    • Perhaps I am mistaken, but I have seen stone with a similar erosion pattern. The alternative could be mineralized plant material. As you mentioned, @chloe-geddes has would probably know better.

    • I think this seems like plant material- you can see the spine of something along the inside edge, seemingly like some sort of plant that’s been wilted. Very cool find.

    • I don’t think it’s a plant, it looks nothing like what plant parts look like. Also, plants hardly ever fossilize like a 3-D cast.

    • Hello! I have to agree, not a plant. It is much more likely to weathering but still cool! As to the type of rock and why I am not entirely sure. It is hard to tell from a photo. It kind of looks like reef rock I’ve seen…