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    Hey guys! Super excited about finally getting the app and I thought my first post should be my most recent paleoart of a Torvo. Not entirely finished yet, but I think he’s off to a great start!

    • Quick suggestion if you want to make an accurate Torvosaurus tanneri: Do not shrink wrap the skull and use a skeletal reference first, also mostly scales and possibly quills for this animal.Also I would suggest adding a throat pouch and the ears further down on the skull and add lip like tissues around the mouth.

    • Alrighty – thanks for the suggestions!! Always looking for new ways to improve my art, though with this guy I was going more “movie monster” than accuracy. I like to do both J Park type dinos and then the more accurate ones! It’s always fun to see the difference 😊

    • Well just ask if you need any suggestions because I have some techniques for Theropod Dinosaurs but I know a bit more about stuff like Pterosaurs, Sequoias, Sabalites, and Tyrannosaurines.

    • Will do! 😌I draw mostly theropods but lately have started dabbling with marine reptiles and trying my hand at a Inostrancevia reconstruction!

    • Looks cool! Great job! 👍